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Tonsil Stones But No Tonsils,

tonsil stones What are Tonsil Stones?

White Spots on Tonsils - Effective Tonsil Stones Treatment

White spots on tonsils can appear for a variety of reasons but the most common cause is tonsil stones. Studies have shown that up to 6% of the population may suffer from tonsil stones and those who are suffers of the condition are quick to seek treatment as this condition can spawn some nasty and embarrassing concerns.

Typically, white spots on tonsils are the signs of Tonsilloliths (Tonsil Stones).
Tonsil stones will appear as white or sometimes yellow coloured stones at the back of your throat. Although aesthetically unpleasing, tonsil stones can also be incredibly painful, cause a metallic taste in your mouth as well as difficulty swallowing.

The most embarrassing concern with tonsil stones is bad breath. Studies have shown that over 75% of people who suffer from these horrible white spots on tonsils will also have severe bad breath. Most people who are unaware of tonsil stones and their cause are left embarrassed and shocked by the smell of their own breath.

Discover How to Eliminate Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath Naturally

Tonsil stones are formed due to bacteria, excess mucous, dead cells and other particles such as food getting stuck around the small pockets on your tonsils. If these particles are allowed to calcify they form white spots on tonsils. Tonsil stones can vary in size, often they are buried in the folds of the tonsils and therefore not visible to the naked eye, often leaving people wondering why they have such bad breath.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    tonsil stones!?
    okay i thought i had a strep throat at first but as i kept researching i found out i had tonsil stones. so i took a flash like and started to poke around my tonsils and in the pockets. i actually saw the tonsil stone (pretty big) and then all of sudden went back in and then got stuck. after a number of attempts to dislodge the stone from my tonsils and after vomiting a few times no luck here. it's completely stuck. feels as if it's inside the skin/gums of my tonsils and wont budge. i can see a little white part of it sticking out of my tonsils but i cant force it out. im about to buy a water pik but it seems to stuck that a water pik might not even work. please any help to how i can get this tonsil stone out without getting a tonsillectomy done because i dont have insurance. its getting really aggravating when trying to swallow to point im about to rip my tonsils out of my throat. please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Yuck! I get those icky things too! And boy do they stink!

      You can force them out (if you can do so without gagging). Wash your hands really good, and wrap some tissue around your fingers and just push on the tonsil. If you can't get it out that way, then gargle, gargle, gargle!

      You can use warm salty water, or my favorite- any sort of mouth wash with peroxide in it. Like the new whitening mouth washes. If you need something stronger- use Colgate Peroxyl. You can find it in nearly any drugstore.

      The peroxide will break up the tonsil stone.

      You can also use TheraBreath.

    I was born with no tonsils but somehow I'm getting the white balls in my throat called tonsil balls, any help?
    i was born with a cleft pallet and no tonsils but i still get the smelly white balls in the back of my throat and i don't know how it's possible to have tonsil stones without tonsils. any one have suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

    Tonsil stones, sore, swollen tonsils??
    ever since i was little ive had my tonsils swell up every few weeks. im 15 and have no idea why they didnt just take em out before. they used to swell up so big i could barely breath and i would snore while i was awake. anyway now theyre really painful, not swollen but really painful. and i keep caughing up huge tonsil stones and its really gross. if go to the doctor will they actually take out my tonsils now? theyve considered it before but never did it.
    tonsil stones are little white "rock" looking things that get form in crypts in your tonsils

    • ANSWER:
      When I was your age, you had to get tonsilitis so many times a year before they'd consider taking them out. It also depends on your insurance. Have your parents take you to your doctor and he'll most likely have you start keeping track of how often you get it, how severe, etc.

      Make sure your doctor just doesn't ignore it, the younger you are the more success you'll have at treating your tonsil problem. I have the same problems as you, even now at 31, and my doctor won't remove my tonsils because of my age. My insurance company simply responds with answers like "you've lived with them this long, suck it up".

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