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How To Overcome A Gag Reflex: A Few Secrets

A lot of the body's natural response mechanisms are defensive. These defensive mechanisms are very much carried out without your conscious awareness so that you are protected from unexpected hazards. One reflex in particular is the gag reflex. The gag reflex is an involuntary body response that seems like the perfect thing but it can be uncomfortable and can cause panic attacks. If you want to know how to overcome a gag reflex read on further.

A gag reflex is an involuntary muscular contraction in the throat muscles. When you force down big chunks of food down your throat the gag reflex prevents this from choking you to death. A gag reflex of this nature is perfectly healthy but sometimes the throat contraction of muscles can be very extreme and scary, hence the need to overcome a gag reflex.

When you have an unforeseen gag reflex that is extreme one of the things you will do is panic. Panic attacks are common to people who have unannounced responses or those who are exposed to their greatest fears. In the event of a panic attack I strongly recommend that you relax. The best way to relax is by controlling your breathing so as to slow it down. Deep breaths taken slowly will help you calm down.

Numbing the soft palate is one way of overcoming a gag reflex. The thing with the soft palate is that it is the one that actually triggers the gag reflex when it is in contact with food. So when you have regular gag reflexes you should try numbing the palate with any throat spray that can achieve this result.

Try humming as a way to deal with dangerous gag reflexes. When you hum a soft tune whilst you're eating you will probably not have a reflex. How this happens is a mystery to me but it is said that humming prevents the reflex from occurring.

Hypnosis has been recommended for a lot of people with absurd gag reflexes. Hypnosis is all about entering a dreamy but conscious state of mind whereby you readjust your body's conditioned reflexes by training your mind to react in a particular way.

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