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Post Nasal Drip Causing Tonsil Stones,

Post Nasal Drip and Nasal-Sinus Congestion Will Cause Bad Breath!

Bad Breath Due To Post Nasal Drip

The nose can contribute to bad breath. Thick mucus discharge resulting from colds, allergies, medications, pregnancy or hormonal changes can collect on the back of the tongue. This layer of mucus provides a protective blanket under which bacteria hide.

Ba 00004000 cteria can also break down proteins in the mucus to create volatile sulfur particles. Sometimes mucus, bacteria, and debris condense onto the surface of the tonsils forming small hard balls of material.

This is known as tonsilloliths, these odorous balls of material are sometimes coughed up. Using an over the counter nasal sprays helps thin out post-nasal drip making it less useful to odor causing bacteria. Drinking water may also make mucus less viscous and therefore less likely to collect on the back of the tongue.

Causes of post nasal bad breath
The bacteria which cause bad breath and sour or bitter or metallic tastes are anaerobic sulfur-producing. Their goal in life is to break down the proteins in foods that we eat. However, under certain conditions, they will start to break down proteins in mucous and phlegm.

Therefore, those people who suffer with post nasal drip, sinus problems, etc are more prone to bad breath and lousy tastes because the bacteria will start to extract sulfur compounds from the amino acids that make up these proteins.

Scientifically, they love the amino acids Cysteine and Methionine, which are common to mucous and also in dairy foods. In reality, many people notice that when they drink too much milk or eat too much cheese they end up with more mucous or phlegm in their throat. This is a natural reaction for many people and unfortunately, ends up causing more bad breath and awful taste.

If you still have your tonsils, you may be harboring a higher number of the bacteria which can lead to an interesting and misunderstood phenomenon, called tonsilloliths.

Literally, they are tonsil stones produced by the conglomeration of mucous draining down the back of the throat and volatile sulfur compounds produced by the bacteria which easily end up in the nooks and crannies of the tonsils, every time one swallows.

This is because the oxygenating solution passes directly over the subjected area. It is felt that a cleansing action, which they could not otherwise get by rinsing or gargling. This is because the drops penetrate their sinuses the 'bad breath smell' from their nose is gone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does post-nasal drip cause tonsil stones?

    • ANSWER:
      Tonsils range from being relatively smooth, with shallow pockets, to very rough with deep pockets. When your tonsils are swollen regularly, as they are with chronic tonsillitis, the openings to these crypts or pockets may become wider, and the crypts deeper. This allows a greater quantity of debris to accumulate. New stones may begin to form on top of older ones.

      The debris from which the stones are formed consists of food particles, dead cells from the lining of your mouth, mucous from post-nasal drip, and bacteria of various sorts, especially anaerobic bacteria from the back of the tongue. Keep in mind that the anaerobic bacteria are a primary cause of bad breath. All of this gets jumbled up together and attacked by white blood cells. The result is a white or yellowish, cauliflower-shaped lump that's typically rock-hard and usually tastes horrible and smells atrocious.

    What is causing nasal inflammation/post nasal drip for multiple people in the same house?
    I live in a house with many family members. Coincidentally, my father, my brother, my grandma, and I all have nasal inflammation or post nasal drip. I bought an air purifier and have it running 24/7. I also do nasal rinse bottle every night. However, mucus keeps on forming at the back of my nasal passage. I also have tonsil stones. I know they are all related. My question is, is there something in the house causing all this (we have been in this house for over 10 years)? like the paint on the wall or the food we eat or may be too many electronics running in my house? How can it be possible for almost everyone in the house has the same problem and we never seem to able to stop the problem no matter what we do?

    • ANSWER:
      It appears that you have something in the air that is continuing to irritate your respiratory system. I am sorry to report that many air purifiers on the market are quite ineffective, so unless you spent 0 or more on your air purifier, it may not be doing anything more than increasing your electricity bill. Take a look at the options available at http://www.allergy-relief-air-purifier.com/ and see if those units are more applicable to your needs. Another important step is to try to trace down any source, like dust or mold, that needs to be cleaned up or encapsulated before you clean your airborne dust. Also, make sure to keep your humidity around 40-50% by using table-top humidifiers. If you have a central unit attached to your furnace, shut it off and stop using it. The central units are costly, high maintenance, likely to cause mold in your ductwork and otherwise quite ineffective. I hope this helps.

    Can post-nasal drip cause white on tonsils?
    Started out having a sore throat a couple weeks ago that was ruled out as strep or mono. Now my throat does NOT hurt at all, but I still have nasty looking tonsils (white, pus looking). Could this be from post-nasal drip?? They are not "tonsil stones" like I've read about..just slimy icky white stuff on my tonsils, but no pain.

    • ANSWER:
      probably tonsilitis...see your doc for advice but if you've had issues with your throat for 2 wks. you really should see your doc. u dont want to put off things that subcontiously bother you. thats the body's way of saying it needs assistance. a round of ABTs will prob fix it.

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