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Tonsillolith - Do Smelly Lumps Appear In Your Mouth? (Tonsil Stone)

If you get smelly lumps appearing in your mouth it could be a tonsillolith. They are commonly called a tonsil stone and form within the tonsils at the back of your throat. Eventually they dislodge and are either swallowed or work their way into the mouth. Another disturbing fact is that they are so often linked to bad breath problems. If squashed between your fingers tonsilloliths gives off an awful stench a bit like rotten eggs or vomit. So, why do they form and what can we do about them?

They form in deep crypts within your tonsils and consist of an accumulation of mucous, sulfur-producing bacteria, food particles, dead skin cells and white blood cells. The same sulfur-producing bacteria is often found at the back of the tongue which is why many who endure tonsilloliths also have bad breath problems. A tonsil stone can differ in mass from being very tiny right up to the size of a pea and even bigger than this in extreme cases.

It is only since the arrival of computers and the internet that sufferers have been able to research and find out for their selves about what a tonsillolith actually is. Over the years many sufferers have carried on through life without ever knowing what their condition was because they were to embarrassed to ask and even if they did ask many doctors and dentists did not know. Things are getting better though with the medical profession and public gradually becoming more aware and educated about this disorder.

About the author: John Reece is the writer and editor of He personally suffered with Tonsilloliths for many years and for this reason created a site dedicated to Tonsil Stones treatment. If you would like more valuable information on how to get rid of tonsil stones and any bad breath problems, please visit: Tonsillolith or Tonsil Stone?


Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Tonsil Stones Permanent?
    So recently for some reason I've started having tonsil stones. They usually come out on their own and one did today, I actually got the rest out with a q tip and found out the crypt as they call it in my tonsil is actually very large (can fit tip of qtip inside).

    My question is, I've never had them before, but now that they've appeared they don't seem to be going away. Is the condition permanent or will the crypts seal up sooner or later and I wont have to worry anymore.


    • ANSWER:

    TONSIL STONE? (please help!!!)?
    just today around 12:00 i noticed a little ichy-ness in the back of my throat like something was stuck
    so at the end of the day around 3:00 i checked in the mirror and on my right tonsil (only my right) were 3 tiny white specks.
    they are kind of bothersome. not EXTREMELY bad. but i want them gone. i don't want to have to go to the doctor or anything though because i know its not that serious..i think.
    its probably a tonsil stone. but i looked up pictures of tonsil stones and its nothing that bad. my specks are smaller and less gross looking. but they bother me
    SO WHAT SHOULD I DO?? do they go away on their own? pop them? i'm scared!
    please help!!!!

    • ANSWER:

    I have a tonsil stone? :(?
    Ive had these before, & yayyyy i got another one *rolls eyes* .. lol well ive never went to the doctor before because they have went away on their own, and im going to the doctor about this next week but for now i need to know if theres anything i can do to try and get rid of it, its very annoying and its rubbing off the back of my tongue..
    i tried getting it out with a q-tip but i have a bad gag reflex and i cant stick anything back there! =[ any idea's?
    They dont give me bad breath, or smell bad.. their just annoying me. and their white too, like pure white. its odd.

    • ANSWER:
      a special spray and nasal drops helps prevent tonsil stone.
      And you can remove it yourself.

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